Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tika Wonders: Don't You Like Me?

Tika wonders, "How come nobody "likes" me or "comments" to me? She does read and follow her blog, remember. "I surely do not know," I pet her head and tell her. "Well, we'll just keep trying!"

I was reading to her from a recent issue of Family Tree Magazine about World War II Draft Registration Records. We learned that 16 October 1940 was the first day of the World War II Draft Registrations and all men between the ages of 21 to 31 living in the U.S. had to register. This does not mean they served, but they had to register. Both naturalized immigrants and aliens had to register for the draft as well. These registration cards yield many tidbits of good information.

A man typically registered at the draft board in the precinct, ward, city, county and state where he lived. He typically signed his name, so you get a signature. He stated who he worked for and his occupation. He stated his age, date and place of birth, which may help you confirm you have the correct ancestor if you're searching a common name. He gave information on  the "person who will always know your address" and the "relationship of that person."

Tika and I discussed that to keep current these days in genealogy you almost have to read the genealogy magazines and keep up with the blogs. You not only keep current but you learn more in depth about the records you're using. Family Tree Magazine does help with that learning.

Now Tika says, "Please sign up for my blogs if you like me and what I try to teach. Please?" And then she asks me if it's time for dinner. She is a dog after all.