Monday, September 28, 2015

Tika & Skulls & Family Trees


Richard-2,  Russell-2,  Rose-2

Ruth-3,  Roscoe-3,  Roman-3,  Richard-3,  Russell-3

Rachel-4,  Roxanne-4,  Ronald-4,  Roscoe-4,  Roman-4,  Richard-4,  Russell-4

Ramona-5,  Rebecca-5,  Ruhanna-5,  Rochelle-5,  Ronald-5,  Roscoe-5,  Roman-5,  Richard-5,  Russell-5

  Robin-6,  Rosalie-6,  Ruby-6,  Regina-6,  Rosanne-6,  Roberta-6
Roderick-6,  Ronald-6, Roscoe-6,  Roman-6,  Richard-6,  Russell-6

And we wonder why genealogy is so difficult????

Imagine if this chart carried down ALL those generations??

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tika & YouTube

Tika, like many dogs I imagine, jumps to bark and enjoy when she spots other dogs on the TV.

Sometimes she's here in my office........ I just did a search on for the word "dachshund" and learned that there were thousands of doxie videos posted there! When I viewed a couple, boy did Tika bark.

This photo went with "Ten Funniest Dachshund Videos" and over one million folks have viewed it! Tika loved it.........but assured me, with a sniff, that she would never do some of those things.

The genealogy point here, and I quickly pointed this out to Tika, is that if you search for videos on most any genealogical topic, you'll get an entire afternoon's viewing.  For instance:

Ancestry - 93,700 links
FamilySearch - 9,370 links
Genealogy - 88,701 links
DNA and Genealogy - 7,480 links

And the bestest parts is that they are all FREE and all relatively short......... if you need a tutorial on any of the above topics, just click away and search YouTube for answers.

Tika likes the dachshund videos best, of course. DNA bores her; she's from Idaho and that's enough knowledge for her.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tika & Very Old Family Trees

I was explaining to Tika what a pedigree chart is...... here's the official explanation:

Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French pé de grue ‘crane's foot,’ a mark used to denote succession in pedigrees.

Was needing an image of a family tree and so I asked Grandma Google (who knows everything!) and came up with just what I needed..... and some really interesting stuff.  Here is a tree dating back to the year 1200 and is reputed to be "the oldest sustaining representation of a medieval family... was from the old Guelph Grave Lege ..... in the last decade of the 12th century":

This next one is the family tree of Ludwig von Herzog, 1568-1593:

Kinda interesting, don't you think? Obviously, drawing a pedigree chart for an individual or a family is not something all that new.

Now all Tika heard through all of this explaining is that a pedigree must be something tasty if it's like a chicken leg. Dear, dear Tika!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Tika & Pomeranian DNA

"No, no, dear little Tika." I spoke softly to her as she snuggled beside me in our blue chair as I caught on up some magazine reading (genealogical magazines, of course). I had read out loud the Table of Contents to the March-April 2015 issue (the premier issue!) of Your Genealogy Today, "DNA: Unraveling a Pomeranian Mystery," by Lori Alexander.

"Pomeranian?" Tika perked up. "That's a dog!" That's when I petted her head and explained that this was an article about researching your Pomeranian ancestors........... those good folks who immigrated to America from the areas of Pomerania, now spanning parts of both Germany and Poland. In the article-story, DNA was used to solve a family mystery.

Tika blinked twice and went back to sleep, having lost interest.

But I had not lost interest in this magazine! Your Genealogy Today, with a DNA strand as the "L" in the word genealogy, is the successor to Family Chronicle Magazine. If you liked and enjoyed FC magazine, you're gonna love and really benefit from YGT magazine.

Ed Zapletal, Publisher of Your Genealogy Today,  explains in his editorial, "This first edition (of this new magazine) heralds the dawn of a new era, and continues the traditions of Family Chronicle---- a magazine that was built on the loyalty of our faithful readership, and the genealogy community ... for almost 19 years. We thank you, and hope you will continue the journey with us into the future of family history publishing."

Ed further explains that this newer magazine "will allow for a variety in perspectives from experts in the specific areas of Advice from the Pros,  Genealogy Tourism,  and DNA & Genealogy."

Subscription information (I believe they offer both a print and digital magazine) can be obtained by calling toll free 1-888-326-2476.   You won't be sorry, I guarantee.

Did you know that Pomeranian dogs hail from the Pomeranian area of Central Europe?? Maybe your little Pomeranian buddy would enjoy your reading the Pomeranian article out loud to him???