Monday, September 28, 2015

Tika & Skulls & Family Trees


Richard-2,  Russell-2,  Rose-2

Ruth-3,  Roscoe-3,  Roman-3,  Richard-3,  Russell-3

Rachel-4,  Roxanne-4,  Ronald-4,  Roscoe-4,  Roman-4,  Richard-4,  Russell-4

Ramona-5,  Rebecca-5,  Ruhanna-5,  Rochelle-5,  Ronald-5,  Roscoe-5,  Roman-5,  Richard-5,  Russell-5

  Robin-6,  Rosalie-6,  Ruby-6,  Regina-6,  Rosanne-6,  Roberta-6
Roderick-6,  Ronald-6, Roscoe-6,  Roman-6,  Richard-6,  Russell-6

And we wonder why genealogy is so difficult????

Imagine if this chart carried down ALL those generations??

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