Monday, October 5, 2015

Tika & Cyndi Ingle

Tika did not actually get to meet the genealogy-famous Cyndi Ingle when she came to Spokane on October 3rd but when I told Tika that Cyndi has two Boston Terriers, Tika was pleased. She likes me to have dog-lover friends. "But I'm much cuter," sniffed Tika.

Cyndi Ingle maintains the website, This is a directory
to over 300,000 genealogy-related links.
Some are paid sites; most are free sites. 

Among the pearls of wisdom that Cyndi
shared with us last Saturday was this: "If you've looked everywhere and not found your answer or ancestor, you are not looking in the right place, at the right record. You have not done your homework to learn about the records created in that place and for that they were created, where they are kept now. In other words, you've not done the genealogy of that place."

Good advice and we thank you, Cyndi. 

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