Monday, February 28, 2011

Tika Does "Hearts"

Well, not really........ Valentines Day is past but looking at my notes, Tika and I meant to tell you about the three ancestors born on February 14th. First was Lydia TEMPLE, born in 1839, who married into my POTTER line. Most darn mysterious thing about her is she died 13 Jan 1877 in St.Clair Co, IL..........and I know this from hubby's Civil War pension papers....... but I cannot document this otherwise. And 1877 in Illinois?? I think he buried her in the backyard.Next was Magdalena REGNER, born in 1851 in Alzey, Germany. When she was 14 she came all by herself across Germany, across the Atlantic, to join a married sister in St.Louis, MO. Would you today let your 14yo daughter undertake such a journey??? Would have taken weeks!

Last was Charles Wilbur GURNEY, born in 1864 in Valpariso, IN. He died in 1923 in Illinois of a goiter. I have a photo of him (handsome tall dude with lots of white hair) and this ugly goiter on his neck is very obvious. Living in the midwest all his life, where no salty ocean breezes blow, he never got enough natural iodine and so died from a goiter. That's why we now have iodized salt.

As for Tika and hearts.......... she likes salty things, sweet things and especially heart-shaped doggie treats.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tika Finds Genealogy Stories Boring

Here is the look I get when I try to tell Tika about all the wonderful things upcoming and going on with EWGS........... "ho hum." But I'm excited and so I just push her to her side of the chair and keep talking. On Saturday, March 5th, we will cancel our regular EWGS meeting so all our members can participate in the Bing Crosby Family History Event. Did you all know that Spokane is Bing Crosby's hometown? Gonzaga University, his alma mater, is staging this free event and EWGS was invited to come and to be part of the day. Then on Saturday, April 9th, EWGS will be hosting Dan Lynch, author of Googling Your Family Tree. Check our website for details (and be patient). I guess Tika's lack of enthusiasm is due to knowing that dogs, even Tikas, are not invited. "Did Bing Crosby have a dog?" Tika asks.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dachshund History Book

Tika was so excited when I called and explained to her that in the Family History Library (where books on mostly on the history of people), I found a book on the history of dachshunds! What I did not tell her was that it is a childrens' book and it was a listing at and not a book in the Library. But still. A dachshund story or history book is a good thing. Tika agrees.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tika Loves FamilySearch

Tika loves FamilySearch, especially when I tell her all about it with a dog cookie in my hand....... my-oh-my is she attentive. There really is so much new to tell about FamilySearch........ one most helpful part of this "umbrella" website is a part that teaches us how to use and incorporate technology into our genealogical research. Click to ....... and then click away and start learning. I'm struggling to learn and keep up with all the technology advances and I'll bet you are too. Tika does not really care about what I'm telling her....... but as long as I say it with a cookie she's all ears.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tika & The Family History Library

RootsTech is over; just called Tika and explained I'd be gone for another few days working with a delightful group of 12 folks doing genealogy here in the Family History Library........ which (news flash!) is apparently now going to be called the Family Search Library. (This image is a pin; I love pins.) You, too, right along with this group, can access much of the wealth of help by clicking to . If you've not been there in a while, you'll be amazed and excited about all the new resource and research opportunities. Tika says "big deal" but you and I know better.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tika Told Me: Enjoy RootsTech

While I do miss my family hugs and my doggie kisses, being in Salt Lake City attending RootsTech is a wonderful experience. We who enjoy the hobby of seeking ancestors are so excited to realize that more and more and MORE information is becoming easier and easier and EASIER to find out there using the Internet. Why you can Google just about anything, including ancestor's names, and discover "good stuff." What a wonderful age and world and day we're living in.

I told Tika that the only dog I petted today was one of those silly battery-operated little fuzz-balls that giggle and roll around on the floor (that was advertizing a vendor's booth). Tika just snorted her disgust.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tika & Beach Rocks & Immigration

Tika was really bored these last few days for I've been working to update a presentation on Emigration & Immigration to America. I love to begin with a jar of beach rocks that I collected myself.... rocks of all colors, rather like the photo above. I compare this bunch of rocks to the American people. We are a nation of immigrants. Like these colorful rocks, we have many different ethnic backgrounds but we are all "in the jar" or "on the beach" of America as equal folks with all ethnic differences worn away. (Or should be.) This comparison rings true with me.

Tika asked, "which rock is me?" The big bright red one, I tell her, as she is a bright little red dog.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Do Dogs Have Blood Types Like Humans?

Today Tika stayed home while I visited the Inland Northwest Blood Center (local blood bank) and upon donating, received my 15-gallon donor pin. I'm a bit proud of this....... and consider it a small contribution to my community. Got me to thinking......... do dogs have blood types and if so, what is Tika's type? Thanks to WiseGeek for this answer:

Yes, a dog does have a specific blood type, although its not the familiar ABO system used to determine human blood type. The actual number of blood type combinations in dogs is still a matter of dispute amongst experts, but the basic blood type test for canines allows for a minimum of eight distinctive results. Some experts suggest that dogs may actually have 12 or more blood types, but only one blood type is considered universally acceptable for unmatched transfusions, a type known as DEA 1.1 negative. Dogs who test negative for another antigen called DEA 4 are ideal donors, but this is the equivalent of finding a rare AB negative blood type in humans.

I know I have blood type A+ and I'm quite sure that Tika's blood type is RED. Good enough.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tika & Teeth (George Washingtin's Teeth)

Tika has a terrible underbite......... she is no show dog for sure. But since she does not know any different, she does okay. But being February, I was looking at her mouth and got to thinking about George Washington and his teeth. Did he really have false teeth made of wood?

Well, no they were not wooden but they were clunky and uncomfortable. At least one set contained animal teeth, a tooth made of hippopotamus ivory, lead, springs and bolts. No wonder the dear man never smiled in his portraits! George lost his teeth at a young age (probably due to poor dental hygiene) and had several sets of false teeth...... all probably very unkind to wear.

One set of his teeth are on display at the museum/visitors' center at Mount Vernon and I was lucky enough to see them............ poor dear man! I would not want those in my mouth. Neither would Tika.