Friday, February 4, 2011

Do Dogs Have Blood Types Like Humans?

Today Tika stayed home while I visited the Inland Northwest Blood Center (local blood bank) and upon donating, received my 15-gallon donor pin. I'm a bit proud of this....... and consider it a small contribution to my community. Got me to thinking......... do dogs have blood types and if so, what is Tika's type? Thanks to WiseGeek for this answer:

Yes, a dog does have a specific blood type, although its not the familiar ABO system used to determine human blood type. The actual number of blood type combinations in dogs is still a matter of dispute amongst experts, but the basic blood type test for canines allows for a minimum of eight distinctive results. Some experts suggest that dogs may actually have 12 or more blood types, but only one blood type is considered universally acceptable for unmatched transfusions, a type known as DEA 1.1 negative. Dogs who test negative for another antigen called DEA 4 are ideal donors, but this is the equivalent of finding a rare AB negative blood type in humans.

I know I have blood type A+ and I'm quite sure that Tika's blood type is RED. Good enough.

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