Monday, February 28, 2011

Tika Does "Hearts"

Well, not really........ Valentines Day is past but looking at my notes, Tika and I meant to tell you about the three ancestors born on February 14th. First was Lydia TEMPLE, born in 1839, who married into my POTTER line. Most darn mysterious thing about her is she died 13 Jan 1877 in St.Clair Co, IL..........and I know this from hubby's Civil War pension papers....... but I cannot document this otherwise. And 1877 in Illinois?? I think he buried her in the backyard.Next was Magdalena REGNER, born in 1851 in Alzey, Germany. When she was 14 she came all by herself across Germany, across the Atlantic, to join a married sister in St.Louis, MO. Would you today let your 14yo daughter undertake such a journey??? Would have taken weeks!

Last was Charles Wilbur GURNEY, born in 1864 in Valpariso, IN. He died in 1923 in Illinois of a goiter. I have a photo of him (handsome tall dude with lots of white hair) and this ugly goiter on his neck is very obvious. Living in the midwest all his life, where no salty ocean breezes blow, he never got enough natural iodine and so died from a goiter. That's why we now have iodized salt.

As for Tika and hearts.......... she likes salty things, sweet things and especially heart-shaped doggie treats.

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