Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tika Finds Genealogy Stories Boring

Here is the look I get when I try to tell Tika about all the wonderful things upcoming and going on with EWGS........... "ho hum." But I'm excited and so I just push her to her side of the chair and keep talking. On Saturday, March 5th, we will cancel our regular EWGS meeting so all our members can participate in the Bing Crosby Family History Event. Did you all know that Spokane is Bing Crosby's hometown? Gonzaga University, his alma mater, is staging this free event and EWGS was invited to come and to be part of the day. Then on Saturday, April 9th, EWGS will be hosting Dan Lynch, author of Googling Your Family Tree. Check our website for details (and be patient). I guess Tika's lack of enthusiasm is due to knowing that dogs, even Tikas, are not invited. "Did Bing Crosby have a dog?" Tika asks.


  1. That is way toooooo cute a pose. Go Tika!

  2. Over the years Bing had many Dogs,he loved animals.

    Yes I knew Bing was from Spokane,and he attended Gonzaga to study law.

  3. Please report your thoughts on the Bing Crosby family history event,I wish I could be there......Bing was simply the greatest singer and a great actor.