Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tika & Teeth (George Washingtin's Teeth)

Tika has a terrible underbite......... she is no show dog for sure. But since she does not know any different, she does okay. But being February, I was looking at her mouth and got to thinking about George Washington and his teeth. Did he really have false teeth made of wood?

Well, no they were not wooden but they were clunky and uncomfortable. At least one set contained animal teeth, a tooth made of hippopotamus ivory, lead, springs and bolts. No wonder the dear man never smiled in his portraits! George lost his teeth at a young age (probably due to poor dental hygiene) and had several sets of false teeth...... all probably very unkind to wear.

One set of his teeth are on display at the museum/visitors' center at Mount Vernon and I was lucky enough to see them............ poor dear man! I would not want those in my mouth. Neither would Tika.

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