Monday, September 21, 2015

Tika & YouTube

Tika, like many dogs I imagine, jumps to bark and enjoy when she spots other dogs on the TV.

Sometimes she's here in my office........ I just did a search on for the word "dachshund" and learned that there were thousands of doxie videos posted there! When I viewed a couple, boy did Tika bark.

This photo went with "Ten Funniest Dachshund Videos" and over one million folks have viewed it! Tika loved it.........but assured me, with a sniff, that she would never do some of those things.

The genealogy point here, and I quickly pointed this out to Tika, is that if you search for videos on most any genealogical topic, you'll get an entire afternoon's viewing.  For instance:

Ancestry - 93,700 links
FamilySearch - 9,370 links
Genealogy - 88,701 links
DNA and Genealogy - 7,480 links

And the bestest parts is that they are all FREE and all relatively short......... if you need a tutorial on any of the above topics, just click away and search YouTube for answers.

Tika likes the dachshund videos best, of course. DNA bores her; she's from Idaho and that's enough knowledge for her.

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