Monday, September 14, 2015

Tika & Very Old Family Trees

I was explaining to Tika what a pedigree chart is...... here's the official explanation:

Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French pé de grue ‘crane's foot,’ a mark used to denote succession in pedigrees.

Was needing an image of a family tree and so I asked Grandma Google (who knows everything!) and came up with just what I needed..... and some really interesting stuff.  Here is a tree dating back to the year 1200 and is reputed to be "the oldest sustaining representation of a medieval family... was from the old Guelph Grave Lege ..... in the last decade of the 12th century":

This next one is the family tree of Ludwig von Herzog, 1568-1593:

Kinda interesting, don't you think? Obviously, drawing a pedigree chart for an individual or a family is not something all that new.

Now all Tika heard through all of this explaining is that a pedigree must be something tasty if it's like a chicken leg. Dear, dear Tika!

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