Friday, September 4, 2015

Tika & Pomeranian DNA

"No, no, dear little Tika." I spoke softly to her as she snuggled beside me in our blue chair as I caught on up some magazine reading (genealogical magazines, of course). I had read out loud the Table of Contents to the March-April 2015 issue (the premier issue!) of Your Genealogy Today, "DNA: Unraveling a Pomeranian Mystery," by Lori Alexander.

"Pomeranian?" Tika perked up. "That's a dog!" That's when I petted her head and explained that this was an article about researching your Pomeranian ancestors........... those good folks who immigrated to America from the areas of Pomerania, now spanning parts of both Germany and Poland. In the article-story, DNA was used to solve a family mystery.

Tika blinked twice and went back to sleep, having lost interest.

But I had not lost interest in this magazine! Your Genealogy Today, with a DNA strand as the "L" in the word genealogy, is the successor to Family Chronicle Magazine. If you liked and enjoyed FC magazine, you're gonna love and really benefit from YGT magazine.

Ed Zapletal, Publisher of Your Genealogy Today,  explains in his editorial, "This first edition (of this new magazine) heralds the dawn of a new era, and continues the traditions of Family Chronicle---- a magazine that was built on the loyalty of our faithful readership, and the genealogy community ... for almost 19 years. We thank you, and hope you will continue the journey with us into the future of family history publishing."

Ed further explains that this newer magazine "will allow for a variety in perspectives from experts in the specific areas of Advice from the Pros,  Genealogy Tourism,  and DNA & Genealogy."

Subscription information (I believe they offer both a print and digital magazine) can be obtained by calling toll free 1-888-326-2476.   You won't be sorry, I guarantee.

Did you know that Pomeranian dogs hail from the Pomeranian area of Central Europe?? Maybe your little Pomeranian buddy would enjoy your reading the Pomeranian article out loud to him???

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