Friday, April 8, 2011

Tika Goes Digging

Tika is such a good genealogy teacher........without even knowing she is!  Last couple of times when we've gone out walking, I hook her leash to the fence while I take wildflower photos. Not only wildflowers are coming up but little critters too........ and Tika can both hear and smell them and BANGO she's after them. She can dig a grand-canyon-sized crater in minutes. So what does this teach me? When I get even a whiff or a breeze of an idea about a new resource or research thing to do, I should bango be right on it and keep digging until I achieve my goal. Difference between Tika and I about this ends here: I find information. She digs and digs and usually catches nothing. But that does not stop her from trying another day!

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