Monday, October 17, 2011

Tika & My Surgery Recovering

Recovering from total hip replacement surgery, and being "enthroned" in my La-Z-boy for weeks, I've been very grateful for my little Tika to watch over me and to bring me comfort. Dogs truly are "teddybears with a heartbeat." 

We all have stories in our genealogy about the long illnesses our ancestors had........ how they could be bed-ridden for months. Don't you want to bet that some little dog was right there with them to bring them comfort and cheer? I surely do hope so. A few weeks of limited activity is enough for me; I cannot imagine months............ and with no netbook or library books to occupy their mind as I have had.


  1. I wish you a speedy recovery! Glad you have a little buddy to keep you company.

  2. Hey, ole buddy! You certainly are a busy lady. No wonder that knee wore out! I know you are making a speedy recovery. No way you would let something like a knee slow you down.

    I've been looking at pics of your children and grandchildren.... can we really be old enough to have grandchildren????? So many memories of the short time(s) we spent together. "Some people come into your life for a season... some for a lifetime." You and John will always be in my heart and considered lifetime friends.

    Get back on your feet soon... and give Tika a BIG hug from me. Love you! Mara

  3. I hope you have a very speedy and uneventful recovery. Give Tika a big hug from me too!