Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tika & Cincinnati Hot Dogs

Tika would most surely like to tuck into a Cincinnati Hot Dog! Cincinnati is famous for its Skyline Chili or Cincinnati Spaghetti or Cincinnati Chili (Google the recipe). To create this gastronomic wonder they start for a hot dog bun, then a grilled dog, then a dollop of the bean-less chili and then topped with a generous mound of grated mild cheddar. Onions are optional as are a chili with beans. Think you would agree with Tika that this looks yummy.

While I missed my Tika, I had a good week attening the National Genealogical Conferencce and learning more about researching in Ohio and other needful things (for my research). Made sure to sit in on the technology sessions too. My understanding of "the cloud" for genealogical uses is getting more comfortable in my mind.

Another really yummy thing about Cincinnati is Graeter's Ice Cream............. their famous Raspberry Chocolate Chunk is just the bestest. Understand in the olden days they would mash and strain the berries daily to make this treat.

If you have Cincinnati or Hamilton County ancestry, then know that they most likely knew about and enjoyed both these treats.

Tika would have enjoyed both Cincinnati treats....... but Handy Man has her on a diet of kibbles only. I should join her when I get home tomorrow.

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