Monday, June 3, 2013

Tika Says "Unlock Your Potential"

Tika is asking me, "What does an avocado have to do with anything.... with genealogy?" Well, I'm thinking today about the tools to unlock your potential and there is a parallel here. An avocado seed is potentially an avocado tree that will produce hundreds more avocados but if it's tossed in the trash it produces nothing. One must plant it, nurture it and help it reach its potential. As I explained to Tika, I think a positive attitude helps with everything in our lives, and especially with our genealogy.

First, count your blessings every day. Surely give thanks for the sunshine, the flowers, your health, your family, etc. etc. but when have you stopped to consider all the ancestors you have found and connected to your family tree?

Next, start your day the night before. Radical! Before going to bed, make your To-Do list for tomorrow. Besides the mundane things of daily living, add the ideas you have to look for that ancestor/answer. Let the ideas percolate in your mind during the night.

Next, drop the attitude. Radical! If you think you're going to solve any of your problems or find any answers without effort, you might seriously want to re-evaluate your position. I have a little sign in my office which reads, "There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going."

Next, remember that ideas are not facts. Neither are feelings. It's easy to get in a whirlwind of negativity of can't do it - won't work attitudes, but such is not productive. Such unhappy mentality produces questionable facts and judgmental errors.

Next, set up and stick to a routine. We humans are creatures of habit and good habits make us feel much better and feel in control.  Such it is also with your family history researching. Without a plan you'll be spending time doing generalogy and not genealogy.

Last, enjoy a part of every single day. Daily life is seldom always sunshine and croissants and happy endings. Make it a point of seeing some good in every day and you will change your life. And will likely make happier progress with your genealogy!

Tika's reply? "I don't care what becomes of the seed, let's eat!"

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