Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tika & RootsTech

I kissed Tika goodbye a couple of days ago and went on a Delta silver bird down to Salt Lake City to attend RootsTech. While I do not expect there will be a class on "Finding Your Dog's Ancestry," I'm very much looking forward to almost more learning than my brain can handle.

I understand nearly 10,000 people will be attending....... 10,000!! It is so exciting to think that so many people are interested enough in family history and the technology that makes it possible to spend the time and money to come to RootsTech.

For those unable to attend in person there will be much great stuff posted after the conference as well as live streaming during the three days.

I am 100% convinced that to really make significant progress on learning about your family history, you must employ technology. There are dozens of helpful websites and tutorials to teach you and more dozens of online databases wherein to search for your ancestors. (Think of it as lots of lakes with fish and you get to go fishing. But you gotta learn how to fish and where are the lakes.)

Tika promises to stay awake as she snuggles by my side when I get home and go to tell her all about it. We'll see......... I really don't think she cares too much about RootsTech, but I do!!

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