Monday, August 10, 2015

Tika & Freebies

Tika does like freebies......... especially when they are in the form of a cheese stick handed to her. And her favorite indoor toy is a well-mangled old gray hospital sock with which we play tug-of-war. Those are her kind of freebies.

But for genealogists, we like another kind of freebies. How about a free guide to Finding Ancestors on Or any sort of free guide having to do with genealogy?

Click to and you'll see the prominent link to their free downloadable books............. and go for it!  Enhance your education beginning today with freebies.

Tika would approve.


4 Free Family Tree TemplatesA Free Download of Family Tree Templates to Organize and Share Your Genealogy

In this collection, we’ve provided two decorative family tree templates, a five-generation ancestor chart, a family group sheet designed for recording information about a nuclear family, and a useful relationship chart to help you deduce how a specific family member is related to you.

Surnames E-bookSurnames: FREE Genealogy E-book on Surname Origins and Family Search Tips

This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s best genealogy tips relating to family names, including articles on basic surname research strategies, tips for seeking ancestral maiden names, what your surname reveals about your ethnic heritage, how to refining Google surname searches, and what you can learn by understanding surname meanings.

Surnames E-book48 Search Tips: Free E-book on the Biggest Genealogy Website

This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s best genealogy tips relating to searches, including articles on using the Card Catalog, navigating immigration records, customizing your homepage and the advantages/disadvantages of public and private family trees.

DNA RCLPJump into Genetic Genealogy: Use Genealogical DNA Testing to Solve Family Mysteries

This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s best tips relating to genetic genealogy, including articles on debunking genetic genealogy misconceptions, tricks for using DNA to break through brick walls, and a resource roundup of tools to analyze your Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Autosomal DNA  (atDNA) test results.
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