Friday, May 20, 2011

Tika Likes Webinars

Tika likes webinars.......... or rather I should say Tika likes it when I'm at my computer listening to a webinar. She sits at my feet but also where she can look out into the yard. She does not care if I'm listening to and learning from Geoff at Legacy, Thomas at High-Def Genealogy or dearMYRT expounding. She just knows I'm eager to learn and she's there to support me. (And get a doggy treat half way through.)

If you would like to know about upcoming (free) online genealogy webinars, click to
and mark your calendar to be sitting by your computer and ready to learn something new or great or wonderful or just plain fun.

If Tika and I both recommend webinars to you, well, what more do you need????

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