Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tika Listens To A Lesson on Names

Was giving Tika two genealogy examples today in our lesson....... first was "proving" that so often in olden-times people were given names from the Bible. Charles Wilbur Gurney (1864-1923) m. (1) Sarepta Mae Bishop (1867-1892).  I wondered about that name....... and then found it in Luke 4:26. Sarepta was a city of Sidon. But guess her mother liked it as her name.  Sarepta had Leila Mae in 1889 and died in 1892...... I'd bet from complications of a second pregnancy. No, I've not studied that out because my ancestor is Charles Wilbur's second wife, Viola Belle Evans (1872-1962).  And because I did rather/kinda ignore Sarepta Mae Bishop I nearly missed out on some good photos. OF COURSE she had sent photos of her new husband to her family, and her wedding photos, and with her dying so young, of course they kept the photos........ and doing a search on the Bishop family online I located those pictures of a very young Charles Wilbur and his first bride.  Pays to be totally thorough in your research; that's what I was teaching to Tika in our lesson today.

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