Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tika & Her "Cousins" & Cookies

 On Christmas eve day, Tika rode with Handy Man and Nice Lady south to Pullman, Washington, to spend Christmas eve with her "cousins" and to paint Christmas cookies (a long time family tradition).

Her "cousins" are Dolly, Cody, Bentley, and OneSpot. Tika was not thrilled with this line-up and Handy Man had to "convince" her to join in.

And what helped convince them to pose so nicely? The promise of a cookie! What else?

Our family has been making sugar cookies and painting them since the 1970s. We make the cookies the day before (using a butter and sour cream recipe)
and on The Day we mix up frosting (powdered sugar and water) and use actual tiny paintbrushes to do the
decorating. Of course a few noses are painted! After the frenzy of imagination is over, there is a judging....
prettiest, most creative, grossest, etc. A fun time is always had by all...... even the doggers.

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