Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tika & Postcards

Don't we all love old postcards? Especially of places dear or interesting to us? Our morning newspaper carried a bit extolling the appeal of old postcards of Spokane (Paul Turner, 3 Jan 2012, www.spokesman.com). We here in Spokane are so very lucky for there has been a book compiled of a great many of these wonderful old scenes. Vintage Postcards from Old Spokane, 2005, by Duane Broyles and Tony and Suzanne Bamonte, is a book we each can have (Google it) for our own enjoyment. And this makes me wonder.........have similar books been compiled about other places where I've lived or where my ancestors lived?? Hummmmm.......... 

Tika, unfortunately, could care less about vintage postcards from anywhere. But as we sit together in our chair looking at them I'm thinking that I'd like to go walk past that building today or the Falls today and see what's changed and Tika (who can read my mind, of course) yips her interest in trotting along! Think I just might.

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