Monday, January 23, 2012

Tika & Trivia

We finally have some snow and Tika does so love to dig-dig-dig into the snowbanks. Can't imagine that she smells much of anything through a foot of packed snow but dig she does. Really funny to watch.... and I do not mind because she does not get dirty from snow digging!

I am a consummate collector of words, of trivia and I like to liken everything to family history. So:

The "Gas Law of Learning," is that any amount of knowledge, no matter how small, will fill any vacuum of ignorance, no matter how large."  (Hugh W. Nibley)

Did you know that the word fiction derives from the same word as fictive and refers to the shaping of the imagination??  That must be why I do so enjoy reading good historical fiction and you?

"A river of thought is always running out of the invisible world into the mind of man." (Signboard)

Recently we went to see the movie Iron Lady, the biography of Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of England for eleven years. Here were some quotes/thoughts from that movie:   "We used to be about trying to BE someone; now it's about trying to DO something..... Americans are unafraid of success; their philosophy is formed by what can be done..... What's crucial is that you told your course and stay true to who you are.... What kind of a leader am I if I didn't try to get my own way??............. It's best not to push our colleagues' loyalty too far.... All the years of talking and making tough decisions, what does it matter now?............If you take tough decisions today, people will hate you today and remember you in the future or throw you out with the rubbish..... You're going to be alive on your own; you always have been." 

Tika and I hope that you enjoy some of these trivial thoughts.

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