Monday, January 30, 2012

Tika & RootsTech

It's that time again, early February and time for the second annual RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City and I'm off tomorrow morning before sunrise. I am excited about all the learning I'll get to do and I think Tika is glad in a way to have me gone. It's that time of year here when the snow and ice are melting and the ground is muddy and after our daily walks Tika must be bathed in the laundry tub and she does not like it at all. Handy Man walks her but not where she can play and get down-and-dirty. Me, I plan to get down-and-dirty at RootsTech and dig right in and learn all I possibly can absorb! Several sessions are being streamed live on the Internet for those who cannot attend. Google it, tune in and learn along with me!

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  1. Te-He. I ran across your blog looking up information about my Dachshund Chcukie. Then realized I know who Your "Nice lady " that types your post is.. ;) She lives near me! What a coincidence... :) Such a small world! May have to walk Chuckie dog over there :D