Monday, September 24, 2012

Tika Congrats Us

Tika was right there barking her congratulations to me when Handy Man gave me my 51st Anniversary present....... a brand new shovel! And it was what I needed and what I wanted and what I requested. Tika barked, "well done!"  over and over. And then we went out for an anniversary dinner........... and brought home Prime Rib scraps to our Tika.

There was another Momentous Occasion this last week........... Tika had her 4th birthday and it went pretty much unheralded. We got her a brand new collar, does that count?

With fall knocking on the door, Tika is hearing the owls hoo-hooing in the pre-dawn darkness and never fails to bark at them. We both wonder why they are hoo-hooing at this time of year? Also we had a deer jump over our fence and knock loose the top rail and it happened when Tika was outside and did she ever bark then! I think both Tika and I are ready for fall and working on indoor projects. I have a huge dishtub of genealogy notes and it's my goal to get those notes into the family files where they belong. Tika is a big help; she snoozes right near my feet and we both listen to public radio as I work. So fall? Bring it on!

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