Monday, September 17, 2012

Tika & The Wolf

I've read that even the tiniest dog is a wolf at heart and I do believe it.

Humm, do you see any resemblance?  But Tika surely acts the part! Let her catch a whiff of an elephant, a garden snake or some coyote poop and she's instantly on Guard Dog mode, barking enough to scare the critter into the next county.  And if larger-sister-dog Dolly attempts to reach for a treat before Tika is handed hers, Tika will growl her into backing off right smartly.  

The "genealogy point" here is that even you and I, "little genealogy people," can have great knowledge and great insight and solve tough genealogy problems just like the "big genealogy people."  What's the difference between us?  We certainly can do what they do with enough time and effort and knowledge (and money). Except easily read Norwegian or Chinese! 

By the by, Tika has her fourth birthday next Tuesday;  Happy Birthday little Tika. I've saved a special treat for you for that day.

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