Monday, January 28, 2013

Tika & The Jar

It was a 22o day with snowy-ice on the ground and the wind blowing. What to do to entertain a bored dogger? Give her a JIF Chocolate Peanut Butter jar with barely a smidgen left in it! Tika worked and worked an hour to clean out this jar. Was fun to watch her..... and I'd never guessed her tongue was that long :-)

So what has this to do with genealogy today? Since we've had too many snowy-icy-windy days here, I've been tackling my various and many To-Do projects that litter my office. Many of them are 1-hour jobs (like Tika's jar) and I finally convinced myself that there was no reason why I was not making that hour of time and getting them done. I've taken those folders of notes for several cold-case-genealogy genealogy projects and written up the stories. I've taken the four shoe-boxes of old black-and-white photos that I culled from my Mom's photo albums and gotten them arranged by WHO and WHEN and decided WHAT to do with them. I sorted through three or four plastic tubs I'd labeled "Teaching" and tossed out the material that was no longer relevant or technologically out dated. As president of my local genealogical society ( ) I've gathered all the old minutes and other documenting and historical papers of interest regarding the history of my society and gotten them all arranged into ONE PLACE. And I've culled out my books....... books I really will read and books I never shall read (or read again). I loaded up bags for friends, for my family, for the EWGS Annual Book Auction and for the Friends of the Library group. Yahoo!

Now I do not mean to brag; far from it. These projects had been underfoot for way, way too long. I just hope to inspire you to DO IT.... to take the time.... or make the time.... to DO those projects. I'm sure you have un-done or un-finished projects sitting underfoot??  Especially the 1-hour ones. They will keep you happily occupied on a frosty-icy-snowy-winter day. Just like Tika and the jar.

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  1. Was working on cleaning out my office, the the thermometer hit 80 and I had to give up and go outside :)