Monday, January 7, 2013

Tika & Snow & ???

This is the view right now out my kitchen window..... there is about 10 inches of the fluffy white stuff down!  Tika spent about 30 minutes outside (watching Handy Man plow) and then decided it was better to be inside looking out at the snow!

"So what will we do with the rest of the day", she asks? I explain to her that I've been working to sync my personal Legacy file with the file I posted to Ancestry. "Good day to work on that!" she tells me. Not fully 100% sure how to do this; I've downloaded my file from Ancestry and have compared it to my own computer Legacy file. When I'm finished shall I delete the Ancestry file and then upload a new file from Legacy? And how to keep the two in sync?????  I turn to ask Tika but she's sound asleep. Ohwell.


  1. My little Lilli said, when I told her how you were spending the day, that Donna sure is a brave girl. I agreed with her because that's way over my head. We both hope it works out!!

  2. As I understand it, and have been told, if you delete your Ancestry database, you lose all the sources you may have found in Ancestry (those little green shaky leaf suggestions). And I think Ancestry only syncs with Family Tree Maker, their own program.
    It is too bad we can't sync our personal genealogy programs with the info we have found on Ancestry; synching is way cool when it works.