Friday, May 10, 2013

Tika & Funny or Odd Names

Tika and I have been working on a humungous Phillips Project. We're entering into a Google Drive spreadsheet all the data I've collected on Phillips families living in the VA-NC-TN-GA area in the 1740-1840 time period. That's humungous. But so far I've not broken the Phillips brick wall  so with Tika at my feet we're trying a new tactic.

BUT in the doing of this I've come across some really unusual (or downright funny) names:

Alley Phillips, 1808 in VA, s/o Jehu Phillips'
Blagburn and Wearnon Phillips (brothers), early 1850s in TN, sons of Johnathin Phillips

Ugenious A. Hansard m. Drucilla Phillips abt 1870 in Forsythe Co, Alabama..... OR:
Sarilla Haseltine m. A. Lugenious....... it was listed both ways.

Areminty Cobb mar. 1845 in Franklin Co, TN, to Jesse Phillips
Hicksey Bass mar. ca. 1850 in Wilson Co, TN, to Bethel Phillips

Algernal Bryan mar. ca. 1850 in Wilson Co, TN, to Elizabeth Phillips
Daltoes Phillips, b. ca. 1780 in VA, son of Tobias 

Martha Ann BOOZ 1825 in TN to George Whitfield Dale.

Today on the morning news they were giving the five most common baby names for 2012 and believe you me these names were not on that list!! Were these family names? Bible names (doubt)? Spoken-misspelled names? 

The thing I've learned from entering over 1000 names into this database is that our ancestors surely did have interesting names, both first and last names. Just like the above football players (thanks Google images). 

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  1. You certainly have a handful of interesting names! They stand out more than a long list of John Browns!