Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tika & Webinars

Tika needs some energy in her life! And sometimes we need some energy in our genealogy life. The answer is webinars. A webinar is a web-based seminar, or an online conference...... or an online meeting.

Another way to describe a webinar is to think of it as an online educational presentation which participating viewers can not only watch and listen but submit questions and comments.

"Why bother with web-what-evers?" yawned Tika. So I patiently explained: It's a way to learn more on a topic; it's much easier to attend than going somewhere; it's much cheaper to attend than going somewhere; and it's more comfortable........... you can even watch webinars upside-down. Bottom line, it's a way to learn more about something you've wanted to know more about.

Who sponsors webinars? Genealogical websites (Ancestry, Fold3, etc);  genealogy software companies (Legacy, RootsMagic); genealogical societies and professional groups (ISGS, APG); and individual professionals (Thomas MacEntee, dearMyrtle, etc.).

How to find a webinar on a topic of your choice? Ask Google........ or click to GeneaWebinars: 

"Well, I guess I'll watch one with you...... but there better be animals to bark at," said Tika and that ended the discussion.

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