Monday, October 14, 2013

Tika & Search Engines

Sitting in the October sunshine, Tika listened intently as I explained what I'd learned in Jim Johnson's presentation, "A Tour of Genealogy Search Engines," at the Heritage Quest Research Library's AutumnFest in Sumner, Washington, last weekend.

Jim shared several pearls with all 150 of us such as "Google is still by far and away the best all around search engine around. BUT using other search engines might just give you different hits sometimes."  He said that BING and YAHOO were numbers two and three in the standings.

Jim also explained that Google (or any search engine) might get you to a specific site but perhaps will not search within that website. For that you'll have to learn that website's search engine specifics.

With a big smile, Jim quipped that "all search engine searches will give you what they think you want, but not necessarily what you think you want." And, "if it's been put on wrong on that website, you will find it wrong," explaining how often you seem to find incorrect information.

It all comes down to knowing how to inquire of Google when you're searching and he advises taking the time to learn from the many Google tutorials available. Or come to the HQRL library and take his class.

Tika says that her nose is her search engine; she can find anything she wants with her nose. Good for you, little dogger. But neither your nose nor my nose will find Seaborn Phillips's father.

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