Monday, March 17, 2014

Tika & Southern Research Tidbits

Ever since Tika was a little #2 puppy (late fall of 2009), I've been teaching her how to do Southern research. Since there is a long list of reasons why researching in the southern U.S. is a tad more difficult than for other localities, I thought today that Tika and I would share some resource tidbits with you concerning Southern research.

1.  Tyler's Quarterly Historical & Genealogical Magazine began publication in June 1919 and continued under that name until 1952. Clicking to this link,,  you can freely access a wealth of information on southern families.

2.  DAR Magazine Index:  1892-1997 is just what it says, an index to the Genealogical Notes & Queries published in the DAR Magazine beginning in July 1900. Over 40,000 queries were published in that magazine up to 1997. I looked at this 3-volume index at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, but here's a tidbit for you:

While the DAR may not have this 105-year index available freely online, they do offer a parallel search service. It's free; why not check it out?

3.  Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers:  Abstracts of Records in the Local and General Archives of Virginia Relating to (various Southern) Families. Again, I looked at these books at the Family History Library but we both can now access this southern database via! If you are not a subscribing member, you can use Ancestry for free at your nearby FamilySearch Center.

On a lighter note, and since it's springtime and windy time, here is a little poem for you from William Howitt, (1792-1879):  The wind one morning sprang up from sleep, Saying "Now for a frolic, now for a leap!  Now for a madcap galloping chase! I'll make a commotion in every place." 

Tika likes to "frolic in the wind" and at a "madcap galloping chase!"  If I left her off her leash, she be "making a commotion" over in your county!!

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