Monday, April 21, 2014

Tika & Bible Records

Tika happily sits next to me in our chair when I do my almost-daily scripture study. She even pays attention when I tell her the stories.........but there are not many dog stories in the Bible.

Was explaining to her the other day that in days or yore, families had few places wherein to keep records of the births, marriages and deaths in the family. They quite often did have a big family Bible and usually in the center of the tome were some pages as a place to specifically record the vital record events of a family.

I know that as late at 1920 my Potter family Bible was in Latah County, Idaho (about 100 miles south of where I live now). But where on earth it is now???

Here's a website for those of us trying to locate our family Bible: . Doing a search on this website for the Potter name, I saw that they searched 1232 records (Bibles?) and came up with 13 hits (none of which was the one).

I also know that the Daughters of the American Revolution in their Washington, DC, headquarters has a Bible collection as does the National Genealogical Society's library. So there are places for us to look for that lost-misplaced (won't say long lost) Bible belonging to an ancestor.

Maybe, hopefully maybe, I'll find that Potter family Bible................  Tika licks my hand and says "Of course you will!"

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