Monday, April 28, 2014

Tika & Dog's Names

Tika asked me today how I came to name her Tika?  "To be honest, I made it up," I answered and she seemed satisfied. "At least you didn't give me a cat name!" she retorted.

So what about dog's names? According to a 2013 polling in Massachusetts the most popular names for dogs were (in order): Bella, Max, Buddy, Bailey, Molly, Lilly, Lucy, Maggie, Daisy and Charlie. 

And check out this article:

Few years back I remember reading that Brazil had passed a LAW banning people names for dogs..... here's the link to that story:

We have always given non-people names to our dogs. Over the years we've had Senna (Irish Setter), Mitzen (German Shorthair), Kira (German Shorthair) and now Tika. We have Dolly, too, another German Shorthair, but she came to us with that name.

A good friend of mine once named her mini-longhaired dachshund "Puddles." Wondere how the darling got that name????

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  1. Had some cousins who named their dog "Muffin". They were young so when I questioned their mom about such a silly name (I was young too, not yet a teenager), she said she could change the name but they would still call her Muffin, so why change it. Smart mom!