Monday, May 11, 2015

Tika & Learning New Things

No matter that she looks bright-eyed and eager to learn, Tika really does not care too much about genealogy or family history. I think that's because all she knows is that she was born in Idaho. Not much to go on, poor dogger.

But I try. As she snuggles beside me in our chair, I talk to her and tell her about some of the new things I'm learning........ and boy, oh boy, are there new things to be learned and new opportunities from Ancestry.

First is Ancestor Discoveries.  Assuming you've taken an Ancestry DNA test, just log into your Ancestry account, go to the DNA tab and check your DNA homepage. If you have a New Ancestor Discovery, it will show up on your results page!  Basically, what's happening is that Ancestry is searching all their databases ("real" data and family trees) and finding matches for you within these databases. But with Ancestry being one of the industry giants in databases, isn't this a good thing?

Second is Ancestry Academy.  "Watch. Learn. Discover. Self-paced courses from the experts." This is a FREE opportunity from Ancestry! Chose from a long list of these courses (usually 45-60 minutes in length) and settle down (with your dogger at your side) for some genealogy learning. I won't list all the course topics here. Just ask Grandma Google (who knows everything) for Ancestry Academy and start learning.

Don't be a "dogger-head" and care not for new opportunities for genealogy learning........ unless of course you've completed (and documented) your entire family tree. "Unlikely," Tika snorts.

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