Monday, May 25, 2015

Tika Missed Me!

When I get home, whether from a 30-minute trip to Walmart or a 3-week trip elsewhere, Tika always acts overjoyed to see me. I always get smothered in doggie kisses and I don't mind at all. This scene was repeated at the end of May when I returned from a genealogy research and learning trip.

I first flew to Houston, Texas, to rendezvous with Cecily a long-time genealogy traveling friend. We drove north to Kansas City, Missouri, to visit some of my family, and to spend a day or so at the wonderful Mid-Continent Library (a division of the Kansas City Public Library system).

Then we drove 200 east across Missouri to St.Charles (just north of St. Louis) for the 2015 NGS Conference:

There we both wore out our "sitters" and overloaded our brains with all the genealgy learning. How ever do you choose among six different presentations each hour for four days?????

On our way back to Texas, we visited historic Vicksburg, Mississippi, a place high-up on my Bucket List. 

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and while I'm quite sure that hubby missed me, he did not shower me with kisses like Tika did. 

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