Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tika & Beaches

Laura Bush, former First Lady, said at RootsTech 2015:  "All we know we have is now so walk on the beach every chance you get." Tika and I could not agree more!

Any beach is a beautiful place but some are more beautiful than others. Here Tika walks along the beach of the west side of Banks Lake with Steamboat Rock in the background.

Here Tika investigates a crab shell on the seashore beach at Moclips, Washington. 

One of her (and our) favorite beaches is right in our backyard. Long Lake is the Spokane River contained between two dams.  We get within a few feet of a beach (the shore) and Tika jumps over the bow ready to explore (but I do keep her on a leash). 

Tika even has her own bikini! But she hates to wear it and prefers skinny dipping.

Romping on beaches can get Tika in I'm picking from her fur bits of the most obnoxious sticky weeds.

What is our point to talk about beaches today?  I think mankind is genetically wired to enjoy water whether ocean, lake or river. Tika and I think the opportunity to walk on a beach is one of the best gifts God ever gave to us. 

And I'm betting our ancestors thought so too.

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