Monday, July 27, 2015

Tika & Buddhas

Leaving Tika with "Gramma Kay" last year, hubby and I were privileged to tour the island of Taiwan. Of course I zeroed in on unusual things to photo with the thought to compare them to something genealogy.

Visiting one temple, and as we climbed the many steps up to that temple, we passed several small gardens along side the stairway. In one garden were dozens of white marble statues of different Buddhas....... different poses, different faces, some happy and some not so.

Looking at all the varying faces of these Buddhas in this garden, I thought of a family cemetery. In a family cemetery are all the varied faces of our ancestors...... some happy and some not so. But all there, looking back out at us.

I found this to be a warm-fuzzy view and a very comforting thought.

Tika would have thought so too.

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