Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heinz 57 and Genealogy

Nice Lady was explaining to me that she is a Heinz 57 person and that I may be a Heinz 57 dog. She says that is a genealogy term, yessirree.

So what does that mean exactly, I asked her. (Yes, I can communicate questions!) According to Wikipedia, Heinz 57 became the slogan of the H.J. Heinz Company of Pittsburg back in 1892. The company even then offered a variety of products and wanting to advertize their great number of choices the numbers "5" and "7" were chosen because they were the Heinz's lucky numbers. In 1892 the company offered 60 products; today they offer over 6000. (My favorite is ketchup.)

But the name "Heinz 57" is also sometimes used to describe a dog which is a mix of multiple breeds and it also is used as slang to refer to people of multiple ethnicity.

Nice Lady is English and German with a teeny long-ago smat of French, Welsh and Scot. Does that qualify as being a Heinz 57 person?

I, Tika, am a dachshund, a doxie, a hound, a weiner and Nice Lady calls me a Punkin. So guess I am a Heinz 57 dogger!

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