Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nice Lady Was Veeerrrryyyy Bad

Know what happened when I, Tika, gobbled down an entire cooked ham hock?? Nice Lady, thinking she was being extra nice to me, gave me a big juicy, marow-filled, hambone and I did eat. Eat it all. That evening, I was in the vet clinic and had to stay over night and have x-rays, and enemas to help me pass the pieces that hardened like glue....... all to the tune of $500. Silly, silly Nice Lady. Know we both know better.

And what has this to do with genealogy? Only that it's difficult to think about anything genealogy when your sweet little dogger is hurting.


  1. So sorry little Tika was hurting. And now Nice Lady's pocketbook is hurting. :-( Feel better soon, both of you!

  2. If you had asked me I could have told you what would happen! Been there, done that. The only other worst thing is leaving meat out to defrost and the dog eats it, after tearing the cellophane open and ingesting some of that also. It turns hard in the guts and has to be surgically removed.

    Poor Tika - she really did have a very bad tummy ache. Molly can't handle any greasy stuff like hamburger (well drained) and it is always $500 for the results.
    Glad she is feeling better. It was a long night for everyone. I know.