Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tika Is Happy I Am Home

Tika was so-so glad to have me home. She sat quietly on my lap for an hour yesterday as I told her all about Thomas MacEntee, Leland Meitzler, my roomate, and all my good "tour family friends" of the Salt Lake Christmas Tour.......... and even the Plaza hotel staff who are wonderful too. I told her about my delving into early Colonial New England Scots-Irish immigration and while she did yawn a bit, she never left my lap. Of course it was cold, and very rainy outside which might have helped a bit. She did ask again about a Dachshund Family Genealogy and I just hugged her and said maybe next year there might would be such a one. (Remember, all she knows about her ancestry is that she comes from Idaho.) It's always good to go and good to come.

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