Friday, March 11, 2011

Tika Helps With "Messy Desk Syndrome"

Went the other day to help a friend sift, sort, re-file, toss, give away and generally give a good CLEAN UP to her genealogy room. We made a great start and will have a follow-up session.... call it "Messy Desk Syndrome Therapy."

Tika has been sitting by my feet encouraging me to be just as brutal in cleaning out my messy-desk-bookshelves-floor office. Several garbage bags have gone out, several boxes of stuff given away......... oh! And there are two tote-bags of genealogy "good stuff" for our society's Swap Meet upcoming. Boy but it feels so good to shed that kind of extra weight!!

My desk did not look this bad but it was on its way to becoming this mess. I caught it in the nick of time..........thanks to Tika prodding me! She is a neat-nick, did you know?

Are YOU suffering from "Messy Desk Syndrome?"

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