Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tika Says WHO????

While Tika stayed home and I went to Port Townsend, I got to rendezvous with Marcia........... we hadn't seen each other since we graduated high school in 1961. That was 50 years ago; gollygeewhiz. Neither of us has been to any of the reunions; just not our thing. But it was grand to connect and exchange hugs with her again.

With the Jefferson Co (WA) Gen Soc group we talked about our ancestors' emigration, immigration and migration and the myriad of reasons and push-pull factors influencing their movements. Then we talked about online resources for finding these immigrant ancestors. They were a fun group. And the cookies they brought were out of this world.

Tika was all wiggles when I got home and I got a million kisses....... and only one from our Handy Man. So go figure. 

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