Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tika & Seaborn Phillips

Tika always likes me to cuddle and pet her and tell her a story. Today it was about Handy Man's great-grandfather, Seaborn Phillips. Born in Georgia on
9 March 1844, Seaborn served the Confederacy well. According to his obituary he was at Gettysburg and suffered a "mini ball through my lung" but lived to be with Lee at Appomattox. (Or so he told the story.) Georgia being devastated, and having no money to pay pensions, Seaborn moved his family to Hill County, Texas, and there applied for a pension. He lived until 1910.

"Now it's your turn," I told Tika. "Tell me his genealogy story!" For his ancestry is still a mystery to me........... Scots-Irish frontiersmen, I'm sure.

While this is not a photo of Seaborn, I would rather guess he looked somewhat like this, tall and proud. And bet he liked dogs too.

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