Monday, March 12, 2012

Tika & Big and Small

When we bought our Tika, in November 2008, she was two months old and weighed less than three pounds. I keep remembering that as these days she's both struggling and enjoying her new chew-bone. Our dogs seem not to like boughten-bones but real-animal bones and since Handy Man is a hunter we have real-animal bones. He'll save the "knuckle" parts and our girls will chew on them until I throw them away. And if Dolly (25 pound German Shorthair) tries to take her bone, Tika will in short order show Dolly who is boss! The bone she's working on today probably weighs over a pound and it's so funny to watch Tika pick it up and haul it around...... head held high to clear the floor. And when she tries to jump up into my chair with it.... ohmy. Tiz a real comedy show.  I thought you might enjoy a baby picture of Tika, albeit a fuzzy one.

The doxie charm I found in the Erwin Pearl gift shop in the San Francisco airport and of course, had to have it. It came in a black form too. It's much cuter in real life and the eyes aren't quite so buggy as they appear in this copied-from-website photo. This company offered a huge number of different "doggie pendants" and if you're as silly as me about your boy or girl, check it out:

So no genealogy nor family history today; just doxie fun.  Thanks for reading!


  1. So I went to the site, Border Collies, yes, Aussies, no, sigh!

  2. I remember seeing Tika as you were on your way taking her home for maybe the first time. She was so little and so cute. She has come along way and is still a cute muchin.
    Love her thoughts, Donna.