Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tikas @


You noticed I typed Tikas (plural)?? BIG NEWS! According to and their Surname Distribution page, in 1920 there were three families named TIKA in the U.S......... one each in NY, IL, and WV. Going back to 1880, there was only one TIKA family and they were in New York. Then in 1880 there were no TIKA families.

The surname TIKA originates either in Norway or Austria, according to the New York Passenger Lists (according to

And at there are 358 historical documents and family trees for the name TIKA.

My, my, my. I would never have guessed that my little Tika dogger might be part of such illustrious pedigrees. Maybe she and I will have to check out some of those little wiggly leafs......think so?

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