Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tika & Daffodils

Tika and I are watching the ground eagerly looking for the first signs of daffodils poking out. The little Tete-a-Tete ones are usually first and they are so adorably little and cute. Daffodils, and especially this varitety, are my favorites. Here is a bit of daffodil history, courtesy of the University of Illinois Extension Service:

Daffodils were brought to Britain by the Romans who thought that the sap from daffodils had healing powers. Actually the sap contains crystals that can irritate the skin. Greek mythology gives us the term narcissus. There was a young Greek named Narcissus. A nymph called Echo was in love with him, but Narcissus broke off the relationship. Heartbroken she hid in a cave and died. Later Narcissus, who was very handsome and quite taken with himself, saw his face in a pool, and as he leaned over to see better, fell in and drowned and became the flower.

Do you think YOUR ancestors enjoyed daffodils in their gardens? Bulbs would have been fairly easy to transport when they migrated. Does anybody have any documentation of their family enjoying these bright yellow spring blooms way back when???

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