Monday, March 18, 2013

Tika & The Civil War

Tika listened intently as I read her the story from our paper:  On March 8th, and more than 150 years after the USS Monitor sank off the coast of North Carolina during the Civil War, two unknown crewmen found in the ironclad's turret when it was raised a decade ago were buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

The newspaper story continued:  Researchers were unable to positively identify the remains, though they tried to reconstructing the sailors' faces from their skulls and comparing DNA from the skeletons with living relatives of the ship's crew and their families. Medical and Navy records narrowed the possibilities to six people. Relatives of some of the men who died attended the ceremony.

A marker with the names of all 16 men who died on board the Monitor will be placed at the gravesite. 

Tika and I agreed that this was a totally warm-fuzzy, heart-warming story. Stories like this are the only reason she and I read the paper every morning. 

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