Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tika & Story Telling

Tika was in the car to welcome me with doggy kisses when hubby came to the airport to fetch me home from RootsTech.  Over the next few days, she was more eager to just sit in my lap or beside me than she was to listen to my reports about the conference.

But when I was explaining that nearly one-third of the emphasis of this year's RootsTech was on getting our family stories preserved, she listened and agreed. One speaker told how 1/3 of the people living on Earth today have no documentation that they lived..... and that percentage would surely increase when thinking of all the ancestors who lived in Earth. The only way to make these people, these ancestors, "real" is to document their stories. And a great many of the vendors offered products to do just that.

Tika whispered in my ear (during a doggy kiss) that all you really, really need to get started is a spiral notebook and a pencil. Or the simple WORD on your computer.

I hope you will be inspired to get your story, and the stories of your family, preserved for your great-grandchildren to read, enjoy and perhaps learn from. At least they will know you lived on Earth.

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