Monday, March 4, 2013

Tika Learns More About Google

Tika listened intently as I explained the new things I learned about using Google. I was just home from our local genealogical society meeting where our speaker taught us more about using Google in our genealogy. Mike McKinnon, president of our Washington State Genealogical Society, was the presenter and here are some of the things he taught us........ which I came home and shared with Tika:

1.  In doing any Google search, especially "Images," you might want to click the "Safe Searches" button (near upper right) so you don't get results that you do not want or want to see.

2.  If you do an image search, say for Mount Rainier, you will get the standard snowy-peak pictures. But if you filter your search by color, you will get entirely different results. Like "green" and you'll get Mount Rainier  forests and grasses and flowers.  If you choose "red" you'll get Mount Rainier sunsets.

3.  Bestest idea:  upload to Google your own old family photo and ask Google to find a match. This is especially valuable for unidentified photos! (And your photo is NOT automatically included in Google images, Mike said.)

There was more, but Mike said just to "play around, click around, with Google and learn how to maximize your use of it."  Good advice and Tika agrees.

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